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Book and pay your group course till 18th December 2020 and get a discount...

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For the whole winter season families of 3 persons get a reduction. Read more!


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Snowcare lessons

Refund insurance
Snowcare Lessons is a refund insurance that compensate all the ski and snowcare lessons bought but not taken due to sickness and unexpected events. It costs 5% of the lesson price and you get a refund in case of sickness, accident, unexpected work...

10/1 Years

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Dolomites by Ski & Heli

Day tour for experts
A helicopter flight over the lonely, snow-covered Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage and boundless skiing fun on the most beautiful slopes of this area – this is what you can expect from the “Dolomites by Ski & Heli” tour...

10/1 Years

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ski deposit in sesto

Simple & comfortable
Next to the Monte Elmo cable car expects you a modern ski deposit with different sized lockers for the safe deposit of your ski equipment. Stop carrying around you and your families gear. Store your equipment in your personal, lockable ski cupboard...

10/1 Years